How to withdraw money from M88 account

After a period of time,you win a lot of money and you would like to withdraw. In this article I am going to introduce how to withdraw money from M88 account.

Step 1: Login M88 account

Fill username, password and 4 digit code ,then click Login


Step 2: Click “Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer” in the M88 main website


There are 2 ways for you to withdraw money

The first way: “Withdraw from” choose Neteller if you would like to withdraw to your Netteler account

The second way: Withdraw from” choose Moneybookers if you would like to withdraw to your Moneybookers account


Fill in the blank with the following instructions:

1.Enter the amount you wish to withdraw to Neteller

2.Enter your Neteller Account ID

3.Click the Submit button

4.Once you have verified your account details, we will credit the withdraw amount into your Neteller Account

You will do the same thing if you would like to withdraw to Skrill account


*Note: Make sure you withdraw at least 10 USD, your withdraw process may need 1 business day to credit into your Neteller/Skrill account.

We are very happy when we have a opportunity to help you on the earning money way.

I hope you are satisfied with this instruction,and you always win with